Advanced Research and Commercialization Program

About ARC

The Advanced Research and Commercialization (ARC) Program in British Columbia is a fundamental part of the Province’s Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Program, designed to support the development of companies operating in the CEV sector, and to encourage international investment in the CEV sector in BC. It is the intention of the ARC Program to provide reliable and targeted support to build on existing strengths or eliminate barriers for companies in the sector. The ARC Program will provide support to BC companies to invest in product development and commercialization activities through to long-term demonstration projects.

Eligible Activities

The following general groups of activities are eligible for funding under the ARC Program:

  • Pre-commercial research and development of a BC-based CEV product, service or technology;
  • Commercialization of a BC-based CEV product, service or technology, including investments in manufacturing facilities or processes; and
  • Use or demonstration of a BC-based CEV product, service or technology.

Currently, the program is not intended to fund the following types of activities:

  • Marketing activities, including attendance at trade shows.
  • Consumer-based activities, such as purchase or sales incentives.

Eligible Proponents

Eligible Proponents include any private entity or organization operating in the CEV sector, validly incorporated or registered in Canada.

The CEV sector is defined to include battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, and includes companies and organizations involved in all aspects of the CEV supply chain – from raw materials to final consumer products – related to vehicles or vehicle components, fuel and infrastructure, and transferable technologies and services.


In 2015, the Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) sector in British Columbia (BC) encompassed 198 companies, employed approximately 3,850 full-time equivalent jobs, and contributed approximately $700 million in total direct economic activity. In 2015/16, MNP LLP (MNP) was engaged by the Ministry of Energy and Mines to complete an Economic Opportunities Assessment Report that summarized the current state of the CEV sector in BC and identified opportunities to grow and expand economic activity in the sector.

Through a series of interviews, workshops and a comprehensive industry survey, the Economic Opportunities Assessment Report identified a number of barriers to the growth of the CEV sector in BC. The lack of access to capital, difficulties in scaling, and limited government procurement in early adoption of CEV technology were identified as key barriers to the growth of the CEV sector in BC. The ARC Program was designed in response to these findings and is intended to answer the sector’s specific needs.