CleanBC Go Electric Advanced Research and Commercialization Program


The current funding call is now closed.

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Submission Requirements

An application (in response to an RFEOI or RFP) must meet the following minimum criteria in order to be eligible for funding:

  • The application must be written in English;
  • The application must be complete and/or provide sufficient information for a proper evaluation;
  • The application must be submitted by an eligible proponent;
  • The proposed project must support an eligible activity;
  • The proposed project must complete no later than three (3) years after the project start date;
  • The proposed project must not carry substantial risk of detrimental side effects (e.g. environmental impacts);
  • The proposed project must be at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 3 or higher at the start of the project;
  • The proponent must commit to contributing at least 25% of the total project cost, and must provide evidence of funds and/or in-kind support for their share of project costs;
  • The proponent must demonstrate they have secured additional funding through other sources, with the total Government of British Columbia contribution not exceeding 50% of total project costs; and
  • All project costs must be incurred in British Columbia.

Please note:

  • Applications submitted as part of a Consortium are encouraged.
  • Projects that have previously received funding through the ARC program may not be eligible for additional funding.

Submission Criteria

Applications will be evaluated based on alignment with the following evaluation criteria.

Outcome-Based Criteria

  1. Supports the commercialization, demonstration or export of a B.C.-based zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) product, service or technology.
  2. The proposed project has strong commercialization and market adoption potential.
  3. Demonstrates innovation, creativity and/or pursuit of excellence in its field (i.e., in what ways does the product, service or technology differ from that of its competitors).
  4. Promotes synergies/collaboration with other entities in B.C.’s ZEV sector (such as through a partnership or Consortium bid) or otherwise encourages the development of a ZEV cluster in B.C.
  5. Provides positive economic benefits (e.g. job creation, export growth or manufacturing of ZEVs or ZEV components).
  6. Leverages external funding (grant stacking and proponent funding).
  7. Has strong potential for a reduction in GHG emissions throughout B.C., Canada and the rest of the world as a result of the adoption of the technology.

Administrative Criteria

  1. Reasonable scope and timelines for project completion – Applications will be evaluated based on how well developed, achievable and impactful the scope of work and work plan are.
  2. Capabilities of management team – Applications will be evaluated based on how well-suited and committed the project team is to carry out the proposed initiative, including the management and technical capacity of the Proponent.
  3. Reasonable project expenses – Applications will be evaluated based on the reasonableness of proposed expenditures (i.e. they do not exceed fair market value of the goods and services being provided).