Through an update to the CleanBC Go Electric suite of programs, the existing Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive (SUVI) program and the new Commercial Vehicle Pilot (CVP) program are helping B.C. businesses to reduce air pollution and save on fuel costs through rebates for specialized electric vehicles.

“We’re offering stronger support for B.C. businesses to go electric by doubling existing rebates and adding new offers for commercial vehicles,” said Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation. “Through CleanBC, we’re making cleaner options more affordable to help businesses recover and save on costs while doing their part to reduce air pollution.”1

Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive (SUVI) Program
The SUVI program is receiving $31 million in funding through StrongerBC, the Province’s economic recovery plan, to double the maximum rebates available for B.C. businesses, local and regional governments, public sector organizations and non-profit organizations in their adoption of commercial zero-emission vehicles.

The SUVI Program targets specialty-use vehicles that are not included in the CleanBC Go Electric Vehicle Rebate Program, which focuses on light-duty (passenger) vehicles.  Specialty-use vehicles eligible for rebates under SUVI include battery electric or hydrogen-fuelled passenger buses, airport and port service vehicles, motorcycles, low-speed utility trucks, and heavy-duty transport trucks. Individuals can also receive rebates for eligible electric motorcycles.

Commercial Vehicle Pilot (CVP) Program
Under the CVP program organizations in B.C. can access $11 million in support for piloting unique or large deployments of medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles, such as domestic air, marine or rail transportation. Eligible applicants can apply to receive up to one-third of project costs in rebates for vehicles and charging or refuelling infrastructure.

The Province of British Columbia’s CleanBC Go Electric programming is making clean transportation more affordable and accessible for British Columbians. CleanBC Go Electric includes programs focused on electric vehicle public awareness, rebates for zero-emission vehicles and chargers, targeted investments in public charging, hydrogen fuelling stations, zero-emission fleets and commercial transport, as well as jobs training and economic development.

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