Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) has announced a new funding opportunity for clean technology organizations in the form of the BEST Challenge. The goal of this program is to distribute up to $70 million to innovative technologies that can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within Alberta, while aligning with the province’s Climate Leadership Plan and Climate Change Innovation and Technology Framework.

The Alberta government intends to use the BEST Challenge, along with other innovative programming from organizations like ERA, to establish a leading role in the global movement towards a more sustainable economy, attract investment and improve environmental outcomes.

The challenge is designed to promote innovations in biotechnology, electricity and sustainable transportation, as these industries account for a large majority of Alberta’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. The BEST Challenge covers a wide range of potential project focus areas, including several with a focus on clean transportation technologies. For example, projects which can demonstrate “innovation for low- or non-emitting mobility and transportation solutions in commercial, industrial, freight, rail, and aviation applications” or “low-emissions propulsion technologies, including innovative opportunities related to hydrogen use, electrification, and alternative fuels” could receive up to $10 million in funding. Innovators from around the world are eligible to apply for the BEST Challenge, however the projects must be piloted, demonstrated, or implemented in Alberta.

BEST Challenge organizers encourage applicants to submit projects that are ready for field testing, commercial demonstrations or first-of-kind commercial implementation, with a maximum project term length of three years. Initial applications for the BEST Challenge are open until September 13th, 2018 at 5:00pm MDT. More information about this funding opportunity, including documentation detailing the full submission process and evaluation criteria for proposals, can be found on the ERA website via the link below.